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576 Milford News1938-12-151Funeral is Held at Garrison for Pioneer of Westdeath
577 Milford News1938-12-152Principal Causes of Deathdeath
578 Milford News1938-12-158Undie Set and Day Dressdeath
579 Milford News1938-12-221Thermo Woman Died Thursday of Strokedeath
580 Milford News1938-12-291Former Resident of Milford Dies at Caliente Homedeath
581 Milford News1939-01-051Engineer Dies Suddenlydeath
582 Milford News1939-01-058Never Say Diedeath
583 Milford News1939-01-121Funeral Services Held Sunday for F. Kuchenmeisterdeath
584 Milford News1939-01-191Oldest man, 94, Buried at Beaverdeath
585 Milford News1939-01-191Funeral Held at Minersville for Mrs. A. O. Hardydeath
586 Milford News1939-01-261Funeral at Beaver for Mrs. Ashworthdeath
587 Milford News1939-01-261Funeral Held for D. Walter Muirdeath
588 Milford News1939-03-094Let the Kiddies Helpdeath
589 Milford News1939-03-231Famed Hen, Aged 23, Dies of Old Agedeath
590 Milford News1939-03-233Canine Pal Stands Watch over Dead Frienddeath
591 Milford News1939-03-235Talked Himself to Deathdeath
592 Milford News1939-04-063Dutch East Indies' Days about Same Lengthdeath
593 Milford News1939-04-131Local Woman's Mother Dies at Idaho Homedeath
594 Milford News1939-04-201Funeral is Held Wednesday Fro George Fernleydeath
595 Milford News1939-05-041Fred Paschal is Killed Instantly in Auto Accidentdeath
596 Milford News1939-05-111Woman, Daughter are Killed on way to Father's Funeraldeath
597 Milford News1939-05-111T. L. Gray of Minersville Dies Suddenlydeath
598 Milford News1939-05-111Funeral is Held for Roy White Jr.death
599 Milford News1939-07-272Roman Fire Laddies Practice Rescuesdeath
600 Milford News1939-07-277Finds Death Trees, Feared by Indians, Tribesmen Alson Claim Aid in Gamblingdeath
576 - 600 of 1,171