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551 Milford News1938-05-191Funeral is Held for Young Motherdeath
552 Milford News1938-05-198Funeral for Mrs. Hedgesdeath
553 Milford News1938-05-261Former Local Teacher Dies in californiadeath
554 Milford News1938-06-091Funeral Services are Held Sunday for Jas. Mastorsdeath
555 Milford News1938-06-097Future Japanese Soldiers Early Learn to Hope "to Die for Beloved Emperor"death
556 Milford News1938-06-161Funeral Services are Held Friday for Roy Baxterdeath
557 Milford News1938-06-167Father Meets 'Stranger' Son in Death Fightdeath
558 Milford News1938-06-231Heber T. Hanks Dies at his Home in Los Angelesdeath
559 Milford News1938-06-231Attend Funeral of War Vet Fatherdeath
560 Milford News1938-06-231Martin Baudino Diesdeath
561 Milford News1938-06-301Funeral Held for Martin Baudinodeath
562 Milford News1938-06-303Scores Die in Worst Rail Wreck in Yearsdeath
563 Milford News1938-07-141Attend Funeral of Frienddeath
564 Milford News1938-07-141Tragic Death Takes Babe of New Residentsdeath
565 Milford News1938-08-251H. R. Merrill Dies Suddenly at Provodeath
566 Milford News1938-08-251Funeral Held Here for Young Motherdeath
567 Milford News1938-09-012Story of a White Man, a Red Man and "Father of Waters," a Riverdeath
568 Milford News1938-09-081Thomas Mathews Dies in Hospital at Advanced Agedeath
569 Milford News1938-09-085List of Candidates for Nomination at Primary Electiondeath
570 Milford News1938-09-151Mrs. Coleman Dies after Long Illnessdeath
571 Milford News1938-10-131Brother Dies at Cedardeath
572 Milford News1938-10-133Kissing Sharks to Deathdeath
573 Milford News1938-11-031Funeral is Ogden for Hewitt Girldeath
574 Milford News1938-11-173Speeds to Mother-Youth Defeats Deathdeath
575 Milford News1938-11-242Death by Lightningdeath
551 - 575 of 1,171