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526 Milford News1937-10-281Funeral is Held for Mrs. Flaggdeath
527 Milford News1937-11-251Funeral Held for Arvid Johnsondeath
528 Milford News1937-12-021James F. Calloway Dies in Californiadeath
529 Milford News1937-12-163Children may Seek Death because of Lack of Affectiondeath
530 Milford News1937-12-301Bybee Girl Escapes Deathdeath
531 Milford News1937-12-302Matter of Life and Deathdeath
532 Milford News1938-01-062Brain Wave Studies of Sleep Processdeath
533 Milford News1938-01-131Former Resident Buried in Calientedeath
534 Milford News1938-01-131Funeral is Held for E.E. Nebekerdeath
535 Milford News1938-01-201Local Lions Club Enjoy Ladies Nitedeath
536 Milford News1938-01-271Adamsville Girl Dies of Injuries in Car Accidentdeath
537 Milford News1938-01-271Ladies Aid Meetsdeath
538 Milford News1938-01-271Death Comes Ot Mrs. J. Cass Rootdeath
539 Milford News1938-02-031Funeral is Held on Sunday for Mrs. J. C. Rootdeath
540 Milford News1938-02-031Young Mother Diesdeath
541 Milford News1938-02-101Funeral is Held for Young Motherdeath
542 Milford News1938-03-031Mining Pioneer Dies at the Home of Sondeath
543 Milford News1938-03-031Former Resident Dies in Salt Lakedeath
544 Milford News1938-03-243"Little Phil's " Meteoric Career Recalled by Death of his Widowdeath
545 Milford News1938-03-311Death Kiss for a Sharkdeath
546 Milford News1938-03-311Young Mother Dies after Brief Illnessdeath
547 Milford News1938-04-077Body Buried Eight Timesdeath
548 Milford News1938-04-077Intelligence of Twins Compared by Science; Physical Traits Studieddeath
549 Milford News1938-04-141Former Milford Lady Dies in Long Beachdeath
550 Milford News1938-05-051Mother of County Commissioner Dies Suddenly at Homedeath
526 - 550 of 1,171