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476 Milford News1936-09-243Electric Waves in Human Brain are Studied by Sciencedeath
477 Milford News1936-10-011Funeral Services for Joseph Banksdeath
478 Milford News1936-10-081Funeral Held for John Allburn, 77death
479 Milford News1936-10-153Poet Buried in Romedeath
480 Milford News1936-11-121Funeral Held for Miner Killed in Accident at Quaddeath
481 Milford News1936-11-121Women Fire "Laddies" Fight Blazes in Russiadeath
482 Milford News1936-11-191Mrs. Minnie Outzen Dies at Home of Minersville Sondeath
483 Milford News1936-11-191Glenn Stonehocker Dies Suddenly in Salt Lake Hospitaldeath
484 Milford News1936-11-261Former Resident Dies in Fresno , Californiadeath
485 Milford News1936-12-037Death by Eventual may be Eventual Fate of Earthdeath
486 Milford News1936-12-101Funeral Services Held Sunday for James Thompsondeath
487 Milford News1936-12-241Tintic Lead Mine Fast Approaching Rich Ore Bodiesdeath
488 Milford News1936-12-241Mrs. J. J. Keough Dies in Salt Lakedeath
489 Milford News1937-01-143Breakfast the Event for Which People are Mostly on Timedeath
490 Milford News1937-01-211Funeral Services Held Wednesday for Jos. Mcewendeath
491 Milford News1937-02-041Death and Desolation Follow Ohio River Flooddeath
492 Milford News1937-02-041Former Resident Dies in Idaho Citydeath
493 Milford News1937-02-181Funeral at Price for James Tannerdeath
494 Milford News1937-03-041Pioneer Woman Dies on Coast; is Buried Theredeath
495 Milford News1937-03-251Williams Funeral Sundaydeath
496 Milford News1937-03-253Blast Kills 500 in Texas Schooldeath
497 Milford News1937-03-253After Death Struck School in Texasdeath
498 Milford News1937-04-151Collegians Sound Eloquent Thumb's Death Knelldeath
499 Milford News1937-04-291Tinder Funeral is Held at Eurekadeath
500 Milford News1937-05-133Escapes Death in Zeppelin Disasterdeath
476 - 500 of 1,171