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26 Millard County Chronicle1938-08-111Married in Californiawedding
27 Millard County Chronicle1938-08-251Announce Engagementwedding
28 Millard County Chronicle1938-08-251Announce Engagementwedding
29 Millard County Chronicle1938-08-251Married in Salt Lake Citywedding
30 Millard County Chronicle1939-08-031Announce Marriagewedding
31 Millard County Chronicle1939-08-031Engagement Announcedwedding
32 Millard County Chronicle1939-08-101Married in Deltawedding
33 Millard County Chronicle1939-08-171Announce Marriagewedding
34 Millard County Chronicle1939-08-171Married in Salt Lakewedding
35 Millard County Chronicle1939-08-241Announce Engagementwedding
36 Millard County Chronicle1939-08-245Lovers of Long Ago Finally Married at 71wedding
37 Millard County Chronicle1939-08-311Announce Marriagewedding
38 Millard County Chronicle1939-08-311Married in Fillmorewedding
39 Millard County Chronicle1941-08-071Announce Marriagewedding
40 Millard County Chronicle1941-08-071Married in Arizonawedding
41 Millard County Chronicle1941-08-211Wedding Reception for Mr. and Mrs. Colbywedding
42 Millard County Chronicle1941-08-211Young Couple Maried at Renowedding
43 Millard County Chronicle1941-08-281Reception Honors Young Married Couplewedding
44 Millard County Chronicle1941-08-282Reception Honors Young Married Couplewedding
45 Millard County Chronicle1941-08-289Parents of Bride Announce Weddingwedding
46 Millard County Chronicle1941-08-2810Parents of Bride Announce Weddingwedding
47 Millard County Chronicle1941-08-2815Wedding Date is Announcedwedding
48 Millard County Chronicle1941-08-2815Married in Nevadawedding
49 Millard County Chronicle1941-08-2816Wedding Date is Announcedwedding
50 Millard County Chronicle1941-08-2816Married in Nevadawedding
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