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26 Uintah Basin Standard1957-02-148Wedding Dance Will Honor Young Couple at Talmagewedding
27 Uintah Basin Standard1957-02-2112Bride and Groom Night Set for M-Men, Gleanerswedding
28 Uintah Basin Standard1957-02-2112Engagement of Glenda McClellan and Ross Killian Told This Weekwedding
29 Uintah Basin Standard1957-02-2112Engagement of Charles Harmston of Interestwedding
30 Uintah Basin Standard1957-02-283Miss Audrey Hall, Lyman A. Marler Will Wed in Marchwedding
31 Uintah Basin Standard1957-02-283Betrothed Pair Makes Plans for Weddingwedding
32 Uintah Basin Standard1957-02-283Engagement of Couple Told; March Wedding Date Setwedding
33 Uintah Basin Standard1957-02-284Newlyweds at Home in Duchesne following February 8th Marriagewedding
34 Uintah Basin Standard1957-02-2813First Couple Married in Roosevelt Observes Fiftieth Anniversary Feb. 27wedding
35 Uintah Basin Standard1957-03-073Engagement and Approaching Marriage Announced This Weekwedding
36 Uintah Basin Standard1957-03-073Vows Pledged by Pair in Temple; Two Receptions Heldwedding
37 Uintah Basin Standard1957-03-073Double Ring Ceremony Unites Pair in Home Rites Performed Saturdaywedding
38 Uintah Basin Standard1957-03-073Engagement Revealedwedding
39 Uintah Basin Standard1957-03-078Ballardwedding
40 Uintah Basin Standard1957-03-144Tabiona Man to Take Ogden Girl for Bride March 23wedding
41 Uintah Basin Standard1957-03-218April Weddingwedding
42 Uintah Basin Standard1957-03-2111Rosalee Brown Co Wedwedding
43 Uintah Basin Standard1957-03-284Double Ring Ceremony Unites Couple in Logan LDS Templewedding
44 Uintah Basin Standard1957-03-284Miss Nadene Ottosen Wedswedding
45 Uintah Basin Standard1957-04-044Recent Newlyweds Honored at Reception in Altonahwedding
46 Uintah Basin Standard1957-04-183Eileen Robb and Von Whiting Become Engagedwedding
47 Uintah Basin Standard1957-04-1813Married Fridaywedding
48 Uintah Basin Standard1957-04-259Wedding Bellswedding
49 Uintah Basin Standard1957-04-259Trousseau Tea Honors Bride-Elect, Miss Maurine Yackwedding
50 Uintah Basin Standard1957-04-259Home Marriage Vows Spoken by Couple in Salt Lake Citywedding
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