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26 Rich County Reaper1934-09-281Wedding Bellswedding
27 Rich County Reaper1936-09-041Wedding Bells and Showerwedding
28 Rich County Reaper1936-09-111Wedding Bells to Ringwedding
29 Rich County Reaper1936-10-161Young Couple Marriedwedding
30 Rich County Reaper1936-10-231Wedding Bells King Againwedding
31 Rich County Reaper1936-11-271Young Randolph Couple Wedwedding
32 Rich County Reaper1937-01-081Golden Weddingwedding
33 Rich County Reaper1937-01-081Marriageswedding
34 Rich County Reaper1937-01-151Young Woodruff Couple Marriedwedding
35 Rich County Reaper1937-01-151Woodruff Noteswedding
36 Rich County Reaper1937-01-221Silver Wedding Observedwedding
37 Rich County Reaper1937-03-26712 Times Marriedwedding
38 Rich County Reaper1937-06-041Popular Randolph Couple Are Married Wednesdaywedding
39 Rich County Reaper1937-06-048Engraved Marriage Ringswedding
40 Rich County Reaper1937-06-251Engraved Marriage Ringswedding
41 Rich County Reaper1937-07-021Woodruff Newswedding
42 Rich County Reaper1937-07-091Wedding Reception Given Newly Wedswedding
43 Rich County Reaper1937-08-131Origin of Bridal Veilwedding
44 Rich County Reaper1937-08-131Young Couple Marriedwedding
45 Rich County Reaper1937-09-031Wedding Reception Given Young Couplewedding
46 Rich County Reaper1937-10-081Double Wedding Party to be Givenwedding
47 Rich County Reaper1937-10-221Many Wedding Receptions Heldwedding
48 Rich County Reaper1937-12-032Brother and Sister Wed by Errorwedding
49 Rich County Reaper1937-12-311Randolph Girl Marriedwedding
50 Rich County Reaper1938-02-111Marriage License Issued at Soda Springs, Idahowedding
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