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26 Morgan County News1947-01-101Lynn Williamson, Ida Carter, Wedwedding
27 Morgan County News1943-04-231Harold Clayton Weds in Hawaiiwedding
28 Morgan County News1949-06-103Licensewedding
29 Morgan County News1952-06-131Marriage License Issuedwedding
30 Morgan County News1948-06-251Marriage Licensewedding
31 Morgan County News1946-11-291Henefer Miss is Married in Salt Lake Templewedding
32 Morgan County News1944-12-221Boys and Girls in the Servicewedding
33 Morgan County News1954-10-013Societywedding
34 Morgan County News1942-12-041Margaret White Marriedwedding
35 Morgan County News1948-04-301Dona Matue Weds Eugene R. Kiddwedding
36 Morgan County News1954-10-298Local Couple Married in Templewedding
37 Morgan County News1941-08-291Miss Sommers Wedded to Mack C. Petersonwedding
38 Morgan County News1947-01-311William Forrest and Lawrence Olsen Wedwedding
39 Morgan County News1954-06-183Miss Barbara Jean Snow is June Bridewedding
40 Morgan County News1939-05-051Popular Morgan Couple Marriedwedding
41 Morgan County News1948-05-211Milton Couple Wed May 19wedding
42 Morgan County News1930-10-021Popular Pioche Couple Married September 12wedding
43 Morgan County News1954-11-053Wedding Unites Laketown Maid, Morgan Manwedding
44 Morgan County News1946-08-308Marriage Toldwedding
45 Morgan County News1932-05-114Brides Yield to Lure of Lovely Lacewedding
46 Morgan County News1937-11-261Marriage Licenseswedding
47 Morgan County News1931-09-241Young Echo Couple Married in Salt Lakewedding
48 Morgan County News1954-05-073Societywedding
49 Morgan County News1932-05-114To Wed a Du Pontwedding
50 Morgan County News1952-07-041Marriage Licenses Issuedwedding
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