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26 Milford News1928-12-1411Wedding Receptionwedding
27 Milford News1928-12-281Wedding Rites Held Thursdaywedding
28 Milford News1929-01-045Popular Beaver Girl is Marriedwedding
29 Milford News1929-01-186Gave Reporter Story of Mythical Weddingwedding
30 Milford News1929-02-013Four Young People Elope to Beaver and are Marriedwedding
31 Milford News1929-02-015Mr. and Mrs. Dean Observe their Golden Weddingwedding
32 Milford News1929-02-015Married Folks Dance with Relief Societywedding
33 Milford News1929-03-015Marriedwedding
34 Milford News1929-03-082Some Marriage Dreams that don't come Truewedding
35 Milford News1929-03-151Were Married Fifty Years Agowedding
36 Milford News1929-03-225Thomas-Hoopes Nuptialswedding
37 Milford News1929-03-291Marriage Rites to be held Tomorrowwedding
38 Milford News1929-04-051Becomes Bride of Clarence Grimshawwedding
39 Milford News1929-04-051Sherwood-M'ghie Wedding Occurswedding
40 Milford News1929-04-057Successful Marriagewedding
41 Milford News1929-04-124Recent Bride is Honored by B. P. W.wedding
42 Milford News1929-04-191Surprise Friends and Marry in Elywedding
43 Milford News1929-04-261Recent Bride is Showeredwedding
44 Milford News1929-04-263Get Marriage Licencewedding
45 Milford News1929-05-031Marriage Licenseswedding
46 Milford News1929-05-034Were Married on April 6thwedding
47 Milford News1929-05-171Max Root Weds Olive Johnsonwedding
48 Milford News1929-05-241Ties Knot for 3; Then Weds Motherwedding
49 Milford News1929-05-312The Nuptial Jokewedding
50 Milford News1929-05-317Marriedwedding
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