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26 Emery County Progress1908-09-263Simple Wedding for Millionairewedding
27 Emery County Progress1908-10-034Who May Do the Marryingwedding
28 Emery County Progress1908-12-261Wedding Bells Ring Merrily at Orangevillewedding
29 Emery County Progress1909-01-095Florence Maybrick to Wedwedding
30 Emery County Progress1909-03-201Married at Lawrencewedding
31 Emery County Progress1909-03-201Emery Couple Marriedwedding
32 Emery County Progress1909-04-171Popular Castledale Pair Are Happily Weddedwedding
33 Emery County Progress1909-05-011Castledale Young Couple Joined in Wedlockwedding
34 Emery County Progress1909-05-151Ferron Couple Wedwedding
35 Emery County Progress1909-05-226Married and Gone for a Wedding Tripwedding
36 Emery County Progress1909-06-051A Pretty Weddingwedding
37 Emery County Progress1909-06-121A Merry Gastledale Weddingwedding
38 Emery County Progress1909-07-101Alvin Jensen and Zepha Lund Marriedwedding
39 Emery County Progress1909-07-246Licensed to Wed, Ceremony at Mantiwedding
40 Emery County Progress1909-09-041Castledale Couple Are Happily Weddedwedding
41 Emery County Progress1909-09-041Miss Emma Leonard Married at Templewedding
42 Emery County Progress1909-09-043Travels Many Miles to Wedwedding
43 Emery County Progress1909-11-271Castledale Couple Are Wedwedding
44 Emery County Progress1909-12-181Well Known Couple Are Happily Marriedwedding
45 Emery County Progress1910-01-011Florene Woods and Elmer Anderson Wedwedding
46 Emery County Progress1910-01-291A Happy Weddingwedding
47 Emery County Progress1910-02-191Young Emery Couple Marriedwedding
48 Emery County Progress1910-04-301Johansen--Jeffs Wedding a Pleasant Affairwedding
49 Emery County Progress1910-07-021Miss Juanita Hutchinson is Now Mrs. Woodswedding
50 Emery County Progress1910-07-231Married Saturday July 16, 19wedding
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