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26 Duchesne Record1966-07-073June Marriage Licenses Issuedwedding
27 Duchesne Record1966-07-143Claire Jan Crisp Sets August 20 Wedding to Robert Chadwickwedding
28 Duchesne Record1966-08-041One Marriage License Reported in Countywedding
29 Duchesne Record1966-08-113Sondra Merrell to be Wedwedding
30 Duchesne Record1966-08-113Phyllis Day Hosts Bunker Club Wedwedding
31 Duchesne Record1966-08-255Linda Marlene Carter Sets Sept,. Wedding Datewedding
32 Duchesne Record1966-08-257Burke Hanberg to Claim Miss Julene Ross as Bride Aug. 27wedding
33 Duchesne Record1966-08-258Marriage Licensewedding
34 Duchesne Record1966-09-082Recently Marriedwedding
35 Duchesne Record1966-09-154Naomi Gilbert Engaged to Mr. T. Baldwinwedding
36 Duchesne Record1966-09-293Cynthia Hartman, Dewey Mac Jessen Engagedwedding
37 Duchesne Record1966-10-202Jerry Turnbow Marries Vicki G. Taylorwedding
38 Duchesne Record1966-10-203Linda Marlene Carter Marries Stewart Olsenwedding
39 Duchesne Record1966-10-204Ashtons Observe 50th Anniversarywedding
40 Duchesne Record1966-11-172Local Newswedding
41 Duchesne Record1966-11-173Local Newswedding
42 Duchesne Record1966-12-013Local Newswedding
43 Duchesne Record1966-12-083Local Newswedding
44 Duchesne Record1966-12-223Eleanor Capson Becomes Mrs. Neil E. Prattwedding
45 Duchesne Record1966-12-294Marriage Licenseswedding
46 Duchesne Record1967-01-052Shona Lee Noakes Marries George Streetwedding
47 Duchesne Record1967-01-122Laird A. Evans Claims California Miss as Bridewedding
48 Duchesne Record1967-01-193Darreld B. Casper Claims Bride, Dec. 28wedding
49 Duchesne Record1967-01-194Tabionawedding
50 Duchesne Record1967-01-263DeAnn Potts and Craig Mitchell Recite Promiseswedding
26 - 50 of 68