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26 Millard County Chronicle1940-06-061Little Son Diesdeath
27 Millard County Chronicle1940-06-131Services Held for Babydeath
28 Millard County Chronicle1940-06-131Funeral Services Helddeath
29 Millard County Chronicle1941-06-051Baby Drowneddeath
30 Millard County Chronicle1941-06-191Funeral Services for James H. Colbydeath
31 Millard County Chronicle1941-06-261Funeral Services for Wm. Franklin Prattdeath
32 Millard County Chronicle1942-06-115Called out of Town by Death of Sisterdeath
33 Millard County Chronicle1942-06-181Well Known Resident of Flowell Diesdeath
34 Millard County Chronicle1942-06-181Emma Willden Hamblindeath
35 Millard County Chronicle1942-06-251Peter Swenson Dies at Hinckleydeath
36 Millard County Chronicle1942-06-251Mother of Delta Resident Diesdeath
37 Millard County Chronicle1943-06-031Sudden Death Shocks Communitydeath
38 Millard County Chronicle1943-06-038Funeral Services Held...death
39 Millard County Chronicle1943-06-101Early Resident Dies of Old Agedeath
40 Millard County Chronicle1943-06-101Aged Man Dies...death
41 Millard County Chronicle1943-06-101Mrs. Corey Sercey Dies...death
42 Millard County Chronicle1943-06-105Brother Dies...death
43 Millard County Chronicle1943-06-241Mrs. Julia H. Workman Dies in Salt Lake Citydeath
44 Millard County Chronicle1944-06-088Card of Thanksdeath
45 Millard County Chronicle1944-06-088Card of Thanksdeath
46 Millard County Chronicle1946-06-201Mrs. A. M. Ogden Dies in Salt Lake Citydeath
47 Millard County Chronicle1947-06-261Bagshaw Funeral Services Helddeath
48 Millard County Chronicle1948-06-031O. Leroy Conk Dies in Deseretdeath
49 Millard County Chronicle1948-06-101John R. Bennett, Deseret Pioneer Diesdeath
50 Millard County Chronicle1948-06-171Father, 91, Once Head of B. Y. U., Dies on Coastdeath
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