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26 Parowan Times1929-01-231James W. Mitchell Dies after Lingering Illnessdeath
27 Parowan Times1930-01-081Peter Wimmer Dies; is Brought Home for Burialdeath
28 Parowan Times1930-01-151Death Relieves Good Woman after Long Illnessdeath
29 Parowan Times1931-01-161Arthur H. Robinson Dies at Panguitchdeath
30 Parowan Times1931-01-161Mrs. Maggie Durham Dies at Salt Lakedeath
31 Parowan Times1931-01-168Infant Child Diesdeath
32 Parowan Times1931-01-231Brigham Bentley Dies in Mine Accidentdeath
33 Parowan Times1932-01-087Mrs. James Connell Dies after Lingerining Illnessdeath
34 Parowan Times1932-01-291Former Parowan Man Passes Away at Kanoshdeath
35 Parowan Times1933-01-201Former Parowan Man Dies in Los Angelesdeath
36 Parowan Times1933-01-271Robinson Child Dies of Pneumoniadeath
37 Parowan Times1934-01-041Funeral Held for Little Mickelson Childdeath
38 Parowan Times1934-01-121Husband of Former Parowan Girl Diesdeath
39 Parowan Times1934-01-261F. L. Culver Dies in San Diego Hospitaldeath
40 Parowan Times1935-01-111Funeral Held for Skougard Infantdeath
41 Parowan Times1935-01-113Parrot Legatee is Dead after 33-Year Luxurydeath
42 Parowan Times1936-01-108Husband of Parowan Girl Scalded to Deathdeath
43 Parowan Times1936-01-311Native of Parowan Dies at Minersvilledeath
44 Parowan Times1936-01-311Death Comes to Mother of Fourdeath
45 Parowan Times1937-01-083Arthur Brisbane, Editor, Dies at 72death
46 Parowan Times1938-01-071Funeral Services Held for James A. Hyattdeath
47 Parowan Times1938-01-078Funeral Services Held for Sarah Ashdowndeath
48 Parowan Times1938-01-141Death Ends Suffering of Roswell Clarkdeath
49 Parowan Times1938-01-214Death in the Desertdeath
50 Parowan Times1939-01-271Hyrum Allen to be Buried Here Sundaydeath
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