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26 Coalville Times1902-08-152Seven Meet Death in a Hotel Firedeath
27 Coalville Times1902-08-152Kruger Pays Tribute to [Illegible] Men Who Died in [Illegible]death
28 Coalville Times1902-08-292Scalded to Deathdeath
29 Coalville Times1903-08-071The Death Penaltydeath
30 Coalville Times1903-08-216Death of william E. Dodgedeath
31 Coalville Times1903-08-282Determined to Diedeath
32 Coalville Times1903-08-288The Death Penaltydeath
33 Coalville Times1904-08-052Sees Duel to Deathdeath
34 Coalville Times1904-08-053Death of Mrs. Milesdeath
35 Coalville Times1904-08-122Flesh Boiled from Bodiesdeath
36 Coalville Times1904-08-122Murder or Suicide?death
37 Coalville Times1904-08-192Ex-Premier of France is Deaddeath
38 Coalville Times1904-08-197Sea Captain Suicides in Presence of Wife and Childrendeath
39 Coalville Times1904-08-262Mosquito Kills Mandeath
40 Coalville Times1904-08-262Murder or Suicide?death
41 Coalville Times1904-08-262Paid the Penaltydeath
42 Coalville Times1904-08-268Biographicaldeath
43 Coalville Times1906-08-172Dies from Snake Bitedeath
44 Coalville Times1906-08-172Fought Duel to Deathdeath
45 Coalville Times1907-08-232Portland Giet Prefers Death to Lon of Reasondeath
46 Coalville Times1907-08-307Deaths from X-Raysdeath
47 Coalville Times1909-08-133Died in Good Companydeath
48 Coalville Times1909-08-207Intense Heat Causes Deathdeath
49 Coalville Times1909-08-276Sutton Alone Responsibledeath
50 Coalville Times1909-08-276The Death Dealing Automobiledeath
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