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26 Sun1915-12-032Thomas F. Kelter's Mother Passed Away Sunday Lastdeath
27 Sun1915-12-033H. M. Cushing Goes to His Mother's Funeraldeath
28 Sun1915-12-035Death Takes One More of Those Who Pioneereddeath
29 Sun1915-12-038Well Known Old Trapper Found Dead in Mountainsdeath
30 Sun1915-12-101Noted Pioneer Deaddeath
31 Sun1915-12-173Noted Pioneer is Given Big Funeraldeath
32 Sun1915-12-178Mrs. Samuel P. Snow, Sr., Passes Suddenly at Pricedeath
33 Sun1915-12-241Prominent Sheepman Deaddeath
34 Sun1915-12-312Friend of Brigham Young Passes Away in Wyomingdeath
35 Sun1915-12-315Engineer's Funeraldeath
36 Sun1916-01-072Wounds His Wife and Then Commits Suicidedeath
37 Sun1916-01-077Randlett is Deaddeath
38 Sun1916-01-141Chorister Drops Deaddeath
39 Sun1916-01-211Funeral Services Held for Miss Olive Daledeath
40 Sun1916-02-041Funeral Services Helddeath
41 Sun1916-03-172Mrs. Calvert is Deaddeath
42 Sun1916-03-242John O. Lofgren Deaddeath
43 Sun1916-03-243Neslen Miner is Beaten to Deathdeath
44 Sun1916-03-244Jackson's Funeraldeath
45 Sun1916-03-316Mrs. Anna Hansen Deaddeath
46 Sun1916-04-143Joseph Feltzer Passesdeath
47 Sun1916-04-211Death of Mrs. Ewelldeath
48 Sun1916-04-213Leaps to Death from Buildingdeath
49 Sun1916-05-123Barney Grosso Deaddeath
50 Sun1916-06-163Funeral Services Held for Mrs. Andrew Jensendeath
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