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26 Springville Herald1924-02-291Funeral Service for Mrs. Fullerdeath
27 Springville Herald1924-02-291Funeral Held in Springvilledeath
28 Springville Herald1924-03-071Death Call Answered by Mrs. John F. Clarkdeath
29 Springville Herald1924-03-071Brother of Springville Woman Buried in Provodeath
30 Springville Herald1924-03-071Funeral Services Held for Little Cook Childdeath
31 Springville Herald1924-03-071H. S. Harris is Laid to Restdeath
32 Springville Herald1924-03-073Louis Peterson Burieddeath
33 Springville Herald1924-03-141Pressure and Suction Life' Secret, Claimdeath
34 Springville Herald1924-03-141John T. Marrott Burieddeath
35 Springville Herald1924-03-143A. B. Simmons Dies from Heart Attackdeath
36 Springville Herald1924-03-211Services Held in Springvilledeath
37 Springville Herald1924-03-212Inquest Jury Says Death Accidentaldeath
38 Springville Herald1924-03-281Last Rites for Mrs. Daltondeath
39 Springville Herald1924-03-283Kiddies' Evening Storydeath
40 Springville Herald1924-04-041WM. Westwood Passes Awaydeath
41 Springville Herald1924-04-041Two Children Burieddeath
42 Springville Herald1924-04-044Funeral for Little Childdeath
43 Springville Herald1924-04-112[Illegible] Oldest Resident is Summoned by Deathdeath
44 Springville Herald1924-04-113Woman Called by Deathdeath
45 Springville Herald1924-04-181former Springville Women to be Buried in Provodeath
46 Springville Herald1924-04-181Springville Woman Diesdeath
47 Springville Herald1924-04-251Miner Buried in Springvilledeath
48 Springville Herald1924-05-021Pioneer Lehi Woman is Called by Deathdeath
49 Springville Herald1924-05-021Springville Man Dies Salt Lakedeath
50 Springville Herald1924-05-021Funeral Held in Springvilledeath
26 - 50 of 5,469