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26 Roosevelt Standard1916-11-223Death to Wooly Aphisdeath
27 Roosevelt Standard1916-11-227Trees Starved to Deathdeath
28 Roosevelt Standard1916-11-297Strychnine Will Kill Crowdeath
29 Roosevelt Standard1917-02-142Dies on Anniversarydeath
30 Roosevelt Standard1917-03-218Obituarydeath
31 Roosevelt Standard1917-06-271A Sad Deathdeath
32 Roosevelt Standard1917-08-292Is America's Death Trapdeath
33 Roosevelt Standard1917-09-127Face Death to Aid Woundeddeath
34 Roosevelt Standard1917-09-191Boy Killeddeath
35 Roosevelt Standard1918-01-161Obituary of Mary Jane Searledeath
36 Roosevelt Standard1918-03-202Many Grandmothers Diedeath
37 Roosevelt Standard1918-04-036Burn Dead Trees in Wintersdeath
38 Roosevelt Standard1918-04-108Directions Given by Utah Experiment Station or Killing Ground Squirreldeath
39 Roosevelt Standard1918-04-178To Kill Limburger Scentdeath
40 Roosevelt Standard1918-04-242Girl Gets Medal for Her Heroismdeath
41 Roosevelt Standard1918-05-151A Sad Deathdeath
42 Roosevelt Standard1918-05-151Died of Heart Failuredeath
43 Roosevelt Standard1918-05-229American Faces Death to Get Opportunity as Manufacturerdeath
44 Roosevelt Standard1918-06-191Obituarydeath
45 Roosevelt Standard1918-07-102Death Rate in Belgium is Highdeath
46 Roosevelt Standard1918-08-282Phthisis as Deadly as Wardeath
47 Roosevelt Standard1918-09-181Died Suddenlydeath
48 Roosevelt Standard1918-12-0410Dead Men Convicteddeath
49 Roosevelt Standard1919-03-194Local Newsdeath
50 Roosevelt Standard1919-04-021Native of Austria Dies in Hospitaldeath
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