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26 Rich County Reaper1930-10-247Kill Perennial Weeds in Falldeath
27 Rich County Reaper1930-10-312Late Fall Plowing to Kill Onions and Garlicdeath
28 Rich County Reaper1930-11-211P. J. Quealy Founder of Kemmerer Diesdeath
29 Rich County Reaper1930-12-194Rat Killing a Major Job in San Franciscodeath
30 Rich County Reaper1930-12-261Man Killed on Way to Funeral of Auto Victimdeath
31 Rich County Reaper1931-02-061Young Evanston Man Diesdeath
32 Rich County Reaper1931-02-066Kills Defendant in Courtdeath
33 Rich County Reaper1931-02-066Leaps to Death While Success Waits for Himdeath
34 Rich County Reaper1931-02-136Bottle Cap Pops into His Throat; Almost Diesdeath
35 Rich County Reaper1931-02-201Joseph. B. Smith Dies in Californiadeath
36 Rich County Reaper1931-02-201Wyoming Governor Dies of Pneumoniadeath
37 Rich County Reaper1931-02-207School Boy Kills Bandit with Stonedeath
38 Rich County Reaper1931-03-201Kills Brother to Save His Fatherdeath
39 Rich County Reaper1931-03-202Large Trees Killed by Drought Are Gooddeath
40 Rich County Reaper1931-05-011Funeral Services Held for Mrs. Annie Spencer Norrisdeath
41 Rich County Reaper1931-05-081English or Dutch?death
42 Rich County Reaper1931-07-241John F. Spencer Accidently Killeddeath
43 Rich County Reaper1931-07-311Randolph Pioneer Passes Awaydeath
44 Rich County Reaper1931-08-071Cokeville Doctor Dies Suddenlydeath
45 Rich County Reaper1931-08-216Bride Entering Car for Honeymoon Diesdeath
46 Rich County Reaper1931-08-281Rich County Pioneer Died in Montanadeath
47 Rich County Reaper1931-08-286Funeral Services Held for Ex-Service Mandeath
48 Rich County Reaper1931-09-043Crime of Cain is Re-Enacted by Man 70 Years of Agedeath
49 Rich County Reaper1931-09-043Killer Dissolves Bodies of Victims in Sulphuric Aciddeath
50 Rich County Reaper1931-09-043Infant Turns on Gas and is Found Deaddeath
26 - 50 of 274