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26 Lehi Sun1920-10-077Naval Aviator is Drowneddeath
27 Lehi Sun1920-10-145Census Director's Daughter Suicidesdeath
28 Lehi Sun1920-10-287Noted Irish Leader Dies from Hungerdeath
29 Lehi Sun1920-11-111Frederick Harrison Funeral Sundaydeath
30 Lehi Sun1920-11-114Oldest Bank President Deaddeath
31 Lehi Sun1920-11-187Movie Patrons Are Trampled to Deathdeath
32 Lehi Sun1920-11-251Mrs. Rachel Campbell Funeral Sundaydeath
33 Lehi Sun1920-11-251Former Lehi Resident Dies in Californiadeath
34 Lehi Sun1920-11-254Nine Burned to Deathdeath
35 Lehi Sun1920-11-254Park Guard Shot to Deathdeath
36 Lehi Sun1920-12-091Man Found Dead in Box Car Heredeath
37 Lehi Sun1920-12-097Murderer Suicides in Jaildeath
38 Lehi Sun1920-12-097Jail Fugitive Shot to Deathdeath
39 Lehi Sun1920-12-231Young Mother Succumbs after Long Struggledeath
40 Lehi Sun1920-12-231Baby Buried Heredeath
41 Lehi Sun1920-12-235Meets Death in Idaho Firedeath
42 Lehi Sun1920-12-235Former Banker Leaps to Deathdeath
43 Lehi Sun1920-12-238Former Lehi Man Dies in Canadadeath
44 Lehi Sun1920-12-301John L. Gibb Deaddeath
45 Lehi Sun1920-12-305Famous Actress Deaddeath
46 Lehi Sun1921-01-065Former German Chancellor Diesdeath
47 Lehi Sun1921-01-065Former Idaho Official Diesdeath
48 Lehi Sun1921-01-068Zimmerman Baby Deathdeath
49 Lehi Sun1921-01-131Babe of Mr. and Mrs. Leslie Goates Dies Suddenlydeath
50 Lehi Sun1921-01-137Hymn Writer Diesdeath
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