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26 Cache American1938-05-243Eva S. Smith Burial Services at Paradisedeath
27 Cache American1938-05-245Norma Housley Died Sunday at Richmonddeath
28 Cache American1938-05-245Mike Nielson Died Sunday in Salt Lakedeath
29 Cache American1938-05-315Brother in Law Diesdeath
30 Cache American1938-06-021Geo. S. Spencer Died Monday of Spotted Feverdeath
31 Cache American1938-06-021Frances Eliason Succumbs from Lengthy Illnessdeath
32 Cache American1938-06-024Gustave Eliason Died Tuesday at Hyrum Homedeath
33 Cache American1938-06-048Attorney Keeler Burieddeath
34 Cache American1938-08-205Myrtle T. Hope Dies at Los Angeles Homedeath
35 Cache American1938-08-271Virgil Lowe Died Thursday at Franklindeath
36 Cache American1938-08-271Hannah Kerr Services to be Held Sundaydeath
37 Cache American1938-08-271Miss Gibbons Winner of Queen Contestdeath
38 Cache American1938-08-271Youth Found Deaddeath
39 Cache American1938-08-275Jos. R. Kent Dies of Stroke at Lewistondeath
40 Cache American1938-09-031Aged Clarkston Woman Died at Home Fridaydeath
41 Cache American1938-09-031Jerry Edwards Flirts with Death at Fairdeath
42 Cache American1938-09-031Died in Crashdeath
43 Cache American1938-09-081Aged Hyrum Citizen Dies in own Autodeath
44 Cache American1938-09-085Jos. H. Downs Died Tuesday at Logan Homedeath
45 Cache American1938-09-085Rich Oliverson Diesdeath
46 Cache American1938-09-101Mrs. H. LaFount Died Thursday in Washingtondeath
47 Cache American1938-09-105Brother Died Thursdaydeath
48 Cache American1938-09-105Loganite Diesdeath
49 Cache American1938-09-201Hans Hansen Died Sunday on the Coastdeath
50 Cache American1938-09-205Hyrum Belnap Diesdeath
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