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26 Sugar House Bulletin1954-07-025Jessie Harris Honored on Her 80th Birthdaybirth
27 Sugar House Bulletin1952-09-152Karen Strand's Birthdaybirth
28 Sugar House Bulletin1954-11-056Kids Birthday Club Formedbirth
29 Sugar House Bulletin1955-06-092Third Childbirth
30 Sugar House Bulletin1952-11-241Baby Girlbirth
31 Sugar House Bulletin1956-06-144Surprise! - 500 Drop in at Home for Big Birthday Partybirth
32 Sugar House Bulletin1952-05-264Boy Arrivesbirth
33 Sugar House Bulletin1952-06-163Rex Larsons Announce Sonbirth
34 Sugar House Bulletin1954-07-312Svend Larsen Observes 100 Birthdaybirth
35 Sugar House Bulletin1955-03-314Relief Society Birthday Affair Datedbirth
36 Sugar House Bulletin1953-06-194Daughter Bornbirth
37 Sugar House Bulletin1953-04-177Baby Girlbirth
38 Sugar House Bulletin1952-10-066New Gillespie Arrivalbirth
39 Sugar House Bulletin1954-01-227Baby Girlbirth
40 Sugar House Bulletin1954-05-1910Birthday Fetebirth
41 Sugar House Bulletin1953-03-272First Birthdaybirth
42 Sugar House Bulletin1952-06-094It's a Boybirth
43 Sugar House Bulletin1954-07-093New Babybirth
44 Sugar House Bulletin1955-12-083Obituarybirth
45 Sugar House Bulletin1956-03-013Sugar House Lady Lions Birthday Planned in Roof Gardin Settingbirth
46 Sugar House Bulletin1953-04-109Gail Larsen 18th Birthdaybirth
47 Sugar House Bulletin1955-06-301Babiesbirth
48 Sugar House Bulletin1953-02-167Gayle Amundsen Enjoys Seventh Birthday Fetebirth
49 Sugar House Bulletin1955-06-231Third Sonbirth
50 Sugar House Bulletin1956-10-243Babiesbirth
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