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26 Davis County Clipper1942-06-121Local Newsbirth
27 Davis County Clipper1942-06-121Local Newsbirth
28 Davis County Clipper1942-06-121Local Newsbirth
29 Davis County Clipper1942-06-121Local Newsbirth
30 Davis County Clipper1942-06-121Local Newsbirth
31 Davis County Clipper1944-03-178Joseph S. Clark to Observe 90th Birth Day Anniversarybirth
32 Davis County Clipper1944-07-284Reuben Hatch Honored on 85th Birthdaybirth
33 Davis County Clipper1944-07-288Mrs. Ellen Sandall Hostess on Her 94th Birthdaybirth
34 Davis County Clipper1944-07-288Herbert J. Barnes Assumes Rotary Dutiesbirth
35 Davis County Clipper1944-08-042Coast Guard's 154th Birthday Finds it Fighting Axis on Seven Seas, in Addition to Peacetime Dutiesbirth
36 Davis County Clipper1944-10-131Lt. Robt. W. Hatch, Jr. Visits His Mother's Birthplace in Englandbirth
37 Davis County Clipper1944-10-271Davis Resident, 81, Notes Birthdaybirth
38 Davis County Clipper1944-10-271Mrs. Emma Cook Reaches 83 Yearsbirth
39 Davis County Clipper1944-11-035Open House Marks Birthday of Layton Residentbirth
40 Davis County Clipper1945-07-271George A. Hess is Honored on 84th Birthdaybirth
41 Davis County Clipper1945-07-27195th Birthday is Observed by Layton Womanbirth
42 Davis County Clipper1945-08-031Octogenarian to be Honored at Birthday Receptionbirth
43 Davis County Clipper1948-06-111Births in Davis Outrate Deathsbirth
44 Davis County Clipper1948-07-231Idaho Woman Observes 94th Birthdaybirth
45 Davis County Clipper1958-02-077Jane D. Reese Celebrates 80th Birthdaybirth
46 Davis County Clipper1958-02-077Cub Scouts Honor Birthdaybirth
47 Davis County Clipper1958-02-211Barbara Dimler Celebrates Her 85th Birthdaybirth
48 Davis County Clipper1958-06-062Grace Hepworth Honored on 80th Birthdaybirth
49 Davis County Clipper1958-12-055Gordon E. Orborn Mildred Croft Plan Dec. Wedbirth
50 Davis County Clipper1959-03-061Thomas W. Barnett to be Honored on 80th Birthdaybirth
26 - 50 of 2,312