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26 Utah Daily Chronicle1958-10-071Thurs. Lecture Series Begins with 'Wedding'wedding
27 Utah Daily Chronicle1961-01-311Kingshury to Stage 'Madign's Weddingwedding
28 Utah Daily Chronicle1963-04-1614What is NSA?wedding
29 Utah Daily Chronicle1963-11-072Learn Early about Marriagewedding
30 Utah Daily Chronicle1963-11-181Ute Sounds off: 'Trial Marriage'wedding
31 Utah Daily Chronicle1964-01-141Facilities Slated to Help House Married Studentwedding
32 Utah Daily Chronicle1964-03-231Odds for Marriagewedding
33 Utah Daily Chronicle1964-10-235Campus Coupleswedding
34 Utah Daily Chronicle1964-11-045Campus Coupleswedding
35 Utah Daily Chronicle1964-11-121'Football Widow': Pigskin Marriage, a-Okehwedding
36 Utah Daily Chronicle1964-11-123Campus Coupleswedding
37 Utah Daily Chronicle1964-11-194Campus Coupleswedding
38 Utah Daily Chronicle1964-12-013Campus Coupleswedding
39 Utah Daily Chronicle1964-12-035Campus Coupleswedding
40 Utah Daily Chronicle1964-12-103Campus Coupleswedding
41 Utah Daily Chronicle1965-01-263Campus Coupleswedding
42 Utah Daily Chronicle1965-01-273Campus Coupleswedding
43 Utah Daily Chronicle1965-02-033Campus Coupleswedding
44 Utah Daily Chronicle1965-02-053Campus Coupleswedding
45 Utah Daily Chronicle1965-02-093Campus Coupleswedding
46 Utah Daily Chronicle1965-02-174Campus Coupleswedding
47 Utah Daily Chronicle1965-02-233Campus Coupleswedding
48 Utah Daily Chronicle1965-02-263Campus Coupleswedding
49 Utah Daily Chronicle1965-03-035Campus Coupleswedding
50 Utah Daily Chronicle1965-03-054Campus Coupleswedding
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