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26 Times Independent1920-10-071Popular Moab Girl Weds Logan Engineerwedding
27 Times Independent1920-10-078Irvine Borreson and Miss Anna Bryan Are Weddedwedding
28 Times Independent1920-10-281Former Moab Boy is Wedded at Salt Lakewedding
29 Times Independent1920-11-251After Theater Weddingwedding
30 Times Independent1920-12-021Duff Beeson Weds Monticello Girlwedding
31 Times Independent1920-12-308Dale M. Parriott and Ruth Cartwright Wedwedding
32 Times Independent1920-12-308John L. Shafer Weds Salt Lake City Girlwedding
33 Times Independent1921-01-063Former High School Principal Weds at Mantiwedding
34 Times Independent1921-01-063Moab Young Man Weds Fort Collins Girlwedding
35 Times Independent1921-01-063Moab Girl Weddedwedding
36 Times Independent1921-01-067Electrician Takes Kansas City Bridewedding
37 Times Independent1921-01-201Newlyweds Entertain Friends at Dancewedding
38 Times Independent1921-01-274Road Engineer Weds Former Moab Teacherwedding
39 Times Independent1921-02-038Young Couple Wed at Salt Lake Templewedding
40 Times Independent1921-02-108Newlyweds Leave for Oklahoma Citywedding
41 Times Independent1921-02-173Remarkable Triple Weddingwedding
42 Times Independent1921-03-245Former Moab Girl Wedded at Monticellowedding
43 Times Independent1921-03-315Frank McCoy and Miss Viola Titus Marriedwedding
44 Times Independent1921-05-261Wedding Bellswedding
45 Times Independent1921-06-168Former Moab Young Folks Are Marriedwedding
46 Times Independent1921-07-141Mrs. Addie Hammond Weds Omaha Manwedding
47 Times Independent1921-09-291Wed at Grand Junctionwedding
48 Times Independent1921-12-011Mesa Couple Wedwedding
49 Times Independent1922-02-232Gore's Daughter is Wedwedding
50 Times Independent1922-02-235Former Moab Young Lady Bride of Railroad Manwedding
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