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26 Sugar House Bulletin1941-11-285'Death Ray' Proves Able to Cause Brain Fatiguedeath
27 Sugar House Bulletin1941-12-058'Death Ray' Proves Able to Cause Brain Fatiguedeath
28 Sugar House Bulletin1941-12-127To your Good Healthdeath
29 Sugar House Bulletin1942-01-091His Undie Shortage not Hard to Explaindeath
30 Sugar House Bulletin1942-01-228All out War Psychology of Nation Being Studieddeath
31 Sugar House Bulletin1942-02-062Holding Dutch East indies is Vital to United Nationsdeath
32 Sugar House Bulletin1942-02-201Sugar House Matron Dies at Homedeath
33 Sugar House Bulletin1942-03-231Refugee from Indies Guest at S. H. Meetingdeath
34 Sugar House Bulletin1942-03-234Hatfield-Mccoy Feud Buried 'for Duration'death
35 Sugar House Bulletin1942-03-317Buddies Hit the Coal Pile in Irelanddeath
36 Sugar House Bulletin1942-04-075Zina Provendiedeath
37 Sugar House Bulletin1942-04-145His Undie Shortage not Hard to Explaindeath
38 Sugar House Bulletin1942-04-283Ladies and Gentlemen, Meet the 'Beep'death
39 Sugar House Bulletin1942-05-291Thanks for the Melodiesdeath
40 Sugar House Bulletin1942-07-104My Weekdeath
41 Sugar House Bulletin1942-09-045Citizens Committee Opens Battle on "Death Tax"death
42 Sugar House Bulletin1942-10-304Youth 'Likes Funerals' so Shoots his Sisterdeath
43 Sugar House Bulletin1942-10-305Buddies of 1918 Meet at Project Pass Gatedeath
44 Sugar House Bulletin1942-11-275Minister Preaches his own Funeral Sermondeath
45 Sugar House Bulletin1942-12-237Buried Assetsdeath
46 Sugar House Bulletin1943-02-191Sh Ladies' Republican Club Hold Meetingdeath
47 Sugar House Bulletin1943-03-121Buddies Join, Fight, and Get Shot Togetherdeath
48 Sugar House Bulletin1943-05-145Only 7 in 4,000 Die of Battle Injuriesdeath
49 Sugar House Bulletin1943-05-281Garfield P-T. a Ladies have Charge of Boothsdeath
50 Sugar House Bulletin1943-06-111Italian Diet Poor, Nazi's Found Bestdeath
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