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26 South High Scribe1941-09-292Graduation, Then What?article
27 South High Scribe1941-09-292Meet the Peoplearticle
28 South High Scribe1941-09-293page
29 South High Scribe1941-09-293unclassified
30 South High Scribe1941-09-293advertisement
31 South High Scribe1941-09-293Alumni Answers Questionsarticle
32 South High Scribe1941-09-293Charters Appliedarticle
33 South High Scribe1941-09-293Faculty Throw Neat Brawlarticle
34 South High Scribe1941-09-293Wonderful Time Had by Studentsarticle
35 South High Scribe1941-09-293Club Nominates Spanish Officersarticle
36 South High Scribe1941-09-293Faculty Facts Fascinate Freshmenarticle
37 South High Scribe1941-09-293Freshmen Talentedarticle
38 South High Scribe1941-09-293Guess What ?article
39 South High Scribe1941-09-293Phone Number Pleasearticle
40 South High Scribe1941-09-294page
41 South High Scribe1941-09-294unclassified
42 South High Scribe1941-09-294advertisement
43 South High Scribe1941-09-294"A" Gridders Eke out 13-12 Victory over Tooelearticle
44 South High Scribe1941-09-294Sports a La Femmearticle
45 South High Scribe1941-09-294Panther Invasion Initiates City Grid Seasonarticle
46 South High Scribe1941-09-294"That's the way to Mow 'Em down"article
47 South High Scribe1941-10-17issue
48 South High Scribe1941-10-171page
49 South High Scribe1941-10-171masthead
50 South High Scribe1941-10-171P. T. A. Members Anticipate "Back to School Night"article
26 - 50 of 1,644