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26 Salt Lake Times1890-10-071A Triangular Fightbirth
27 Salt Lake Times1890-10-076Born without Legsbirth
28 Salt Lake Times1890-10-089Born on a Trainbirth
29 Salt Lake Times1890-10-111The Old Roman's Birthdaybirth
30 Salt Lake Times1890-10-251Von Moltke's Birthbirth
31 Salt Lake Times1890-11-111The Crown Prince of Italybirth
32 Salt Lake Times1890-11-185Birthday Partybirth
33 Salt Lake Times1890-11-185Lessons in the Lawbirth
34 Salt Lake Times1890-11-228A Birthday Reminderbirth
35 Salt Lake Times1890-12-081The Battle Tomorrowbirth
36 Salt Lake Times1890-12-1110A Born Economistbirth
37 Salt Lake Times1890-12-181New-Born Princebirth
38 Salt Lake Times1891-01-145Steamship Arrivalsbirth
39 Salt Lake Times1891-01-191The Birthday of Robert E. Leebirth
40 Salt Lake Times1891-01-201A Utah Decisionbirth
41 Salt Lake Times1891-01-205Journalists are Born, Toobirth
42 Salt Lake Times1891-02-061Henery Irving's Birthdaybirth
43 Salt Lake Times1891-02-104Woman are Born Attractivebirth
44 Salt Lake Times1891-02-125Washington's Birthdaybirth
45 Salt Lake Times1891-02-146Next Saturday a Holidaybirth
46 Salt Lake Times1891-02-231Washington's Birthdaybirth
47 Salt Lake Times1891-02-231Washington's Birthday in Chicagobirth
48 Salt Lake Times1891-03-121The Prince's Birthdaybirth
49 Salt Lake Times1891-03-144Cities Born in a Weekbirth
50 Salt Lake Times1891-03-191Pennsylvania Pridebirth
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