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26 Salt Lake Herald-Republican1905-05-288Commencement Days at Hand-Large Class Leave High School This Weekarticle
27 Salt Lake Herald-Republican1905-05-316These Finish Eighth Gradearticle
28 Salt Lake Herald-Republican1905-09-108Societyarticle
29 Salt Lake Herald-Republican1905-09-248Current Events in Local Society Circlesarticle
30 Salt Lake Herald-Republican1905-11-305Societyarticle
31 Salt Lake Herald-Republican1905-12-024Societyarticle
32 Salt Lake Herald-Republican1906-01-1110Their Flag Still Fliesarticle
33 Salt Lake Herald-Republican1906-04-134Societyarticle
34 Salt Lake Herald-Republican1906-09-0211Societyarticle
35 Salt Lake Herald-Republican1906-10-2814The Theatrearticle
36 Salt Lake Herald-Republican1906-11-048Current Events in Local Society Circlesarticle
37 Salt Lake Herald-Republican1906-11-0612Local Briefsarticle
38 Salt Lake Herald-Republican1907-05-107Real Estate Transfersarticle
39 Salt Lake Herald-Republican1907-06-073Eighth Grade Graduatesarticle
40 Salt Lake Herald-Republican1907-09-133Democrats Name Their Delegatesarticle
41 Salt Lake Herald-Republican1907-12-135Real Estate Transfersarticle
42 Salt Lake Herald-Republican1908-05-315Current Events in Local Societyarticle
43 Salt Lake Herald-Republican1908-06-035University Commencementarticle
44 Salt Lake Herald-Republican1908-06-1010School Board Buys Propertyarticle
45 Salt Lake Herald-Republican1908-08-063Plan a Great Outingarticle
46 Salt Lake Herald-Republican1908-08-095Current Events in Salt Lake Societyarticle
47 Salt Lake Herald-Republican1908-09-0410Superintendent Announces Assignment of Teachers for School Year of 1908-09article
48 Salt Lake Herald-Republican1908-09-181Democrats Hold Their Primariesarticle
49 Salt Lake Herald-Republican1908-09-1812Would be a Delegatearticle
50 Salt Lake Herald-Republican1908-10-084Societyarticle
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