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26 Salt Lake Democrat1885-06-231Death of R. T. Merrickdeath
27 Salt Lake Democrat1885-06-244Died on the Traindeath
28 Salt Lake Democrat1885-07-061Dieddeath
29 Salt Lake Democrat1885-07-084Dieddeath
30 Salt Lake Democrat1885-07-114Dieddeath
31 Salt Lake Democrat1885-07-221Dieddeath
32 Salt Lake Democrat1885-07-241Death from an Old Dueldeath
33 Salt Lake Democrat1885-07-241Our Illustrious Deaddeath
34 Salt Lake Democrat1885-07-311Dead on the Heightsdeath
35 Salt Lake Democrat1885-08-044Dieddeath
36 Salt Lake Democrat1885-08-311Funeral of Alfred DeGraydeath
37 Salt Lake Democrat1885-09-121A Noted Mathematician Deaddeath
38 Salt Lake Democrat1885-09-121Death of Emory A. Storrsdeath
39 Salt Lake Democrat1885-09-141A Famous Artist is Deaddeath
40 Salt Lake Democrat1885-09-154A Sudden Deathdeath
41 Salt Lake Democrat1885-09-214Dieddeath
42 Salt Lake Democrat1885-10-023Hamlet Avenging His Father's Deathdeath
43 Salt Lake Democrat1885-10-034Bullion, Idaho, Not Deaddeath
44 Salt Lake Democrat1885-10-034Dieddeath
45 Salt Lake Democrat1885-10-051Death of a Popular Californiandeath
46 Salt Lake Democrat1885-10-051Death, but Not Dishonordeath
47 Salt Lake Democrat1885-10-064Some Wretched Mother's Deeddeath
48 Salt Lake Democrat1885-10-064Dieddeath
49 Salt Lake Democrat1885-10-104More Deaths from Diphtheriadeath
50 Salt Lake Democrat1885-10-121Beecher on the Dead Cardinaldeath
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