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26 Pleasant Grove Review1929-04-205Mrs. D. W. Jones Dies following Illness of Spinal Meningitisdeath
27 Pleasant Grove Review1929-04-206Impressive Funeral Services Held for Earl Mc Taguedeath
28 Pleasant Grove Review1929-04-271Funeral Services Held for Mark Richinsdeath
29 Pleasant Grove Review1929-04-278Funeral Services for Mrs. Matilda Jacobson Sundaydeath
30 Pleasant Grove Review1929-05-031Funeral Services Held for Early Pioneer Matrondeath
31 Pleasant Grove Review1929-05-035Child Dies as Result of Automobile Accidentdeath
32 Pleasant Grove Review1929-05-035Funeral Services Today for Eldon Chadwickdeath
33 Pleasant Grove Review1929-05-111Melvin Smith Dies at Home of Daughter in Price, Utahdeath
34 Pleasant Grove Review1929-05-116Funeral Services for Eldon Chadwick Largely Attendeddeath
35 Pleasant Grove Review1929-05-116Funeral Services Held for Pulley Childdeath
36 Pleasant Grove Review1929-05-185George Dickerson Dies in Midvale, Brought Here for Burialdeath
37 Pleasant Grove Review1929-05-251Impressive Funeral Services Held Friday for E. B. Walkerdeath
38 Pleasant Grove Review1929-06-011Mrs. Sina McClemaham Diesdeath
39 Pleasant Grove Review1929-06-015Impressive Funeral Services Held for Ida Chipmandeath
40 Pleasant Grove Review1929-06-081Keith Farr Dies after Short Illnessdeath
41 Pleasant Grove Review1929-06-081Funeral Services Held Sunday for Pleasant Grove Citizendeath
42 Pleasant Grove Review1929-06-084Melvin Martell Diesdeath
43 Pleasant Grove Review1929-06-085Mrs. Jane Forbes Dies in Heber" Funeral Services Here Sundaydeath
44 Pleasant Grove Review1929-06-085Ernest Hoggard Dies following Serious Illnessdeath
45 Pleasant Grove Review1929-06-086Funeral Services Held for Mrs. Dorethea Farquharsondeath
46 Pleasant Grove Review1929-06-155Impressive Funeral Services Held for Mrs. Jane Gardner Forbesdeath
47 Pleasant Grove Review1929-06-291Cragun Baby Diesdeath
48 Pleasant Grove Review1929-06-291Vineyard Pioneer Diesdeath
49 Pleasant Grove Review1929-06-295Manila Youth Drowned in Featherstone Reservoirdeath
50 Pleasant Grove Review1929-07-066Archie Bromley Dies following Brief Illnessdeath
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