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26 Piute County News1926-02-125Many Killed in Foundry & Minedeath
27 Piute County News1926-02-195Senate Kills Publicity Tax Billdeath
28 Piute County News1926-03-191T. J. Riddle Diesdeath
29 Piute County News1926-06-044Five Girls Die in Factory Firedeath
30 Piute County News1926-06-047Kills Herself to Meet Dead Frienddeath
31 Piute County News1926-06-113Koosharem Pioneer Diesdeath
32 Piute County News1926-07-091Monroe Matron Diesdeath
33 Piute County News1926-07-093Funeral Services for Early Pioneer Are Helddeath
34 Piute County News1926-07-101Fred Cook of Richfield Diesdeath
35 Piute County News1926-07-304Heat Adds to Growing Deathsdeath
36 Piute County News1926-08-061Tropic Resident Diesdeath
37 Piute County News1926-08-282Eight Killed in Train Wreckdeath
38 Piute County News1926-10-084Funeral of Commander John Rodgers at Arlingtondeath
39 Piute County News1926-10-153First Democratic Goveenor Diesdeath
40 Piute County News1926-10-155Wire Tells Death of Sisters to Telegrapherdeath
41 Piute County News1926-10-224Auto Death Rate Rises in U. S., Figures Showdeath
42 Piute County News1926-10-224Scotland Yard Tracing Mystery of Fish Deathdeath
43 Piute County News1926-10-293James B. Showalter Diesdeath
44 Piute County News1926-10-297Hurricane Again Hits Cuban Shoredeath
45 Piute County News1926-11-121Macel Howes Eppling Passes Awaydeath
46 Piute County News1926-11-191"Uncle Joe" Cannon Diesdeath
47 Piute County News1926-11-191Koosharem Notesdeath
48 Piute County News1926-11-198Auto Death Toll Beats Great War; 165,000 Killeddeath
49 Piute County News1926-11-261Baby-Talk Brings Death to Clear Thinking and Effective Speakingdeath
50 Piute County News1926-11-266Mrs. J. G. Spencer Deaddeath
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