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26 News Advocate1916-08-035Mrs. Christenson Called by Deathdeath
27 News Advocate1916-08-1010Peter Jensen is Dead after Falldeath
28 News Advocate1916-08-311Real Pioneer is Called by Deathdeath
29 News Advocate1916-08-316Death Ends Sufferingdeath
30 News Advocate1916-09-215Edgar Leonard Diesdeath
31 News Advocate1916-12-0712Mrs. Millner Calleddeath
32 News Advocate1916-12-281Joseph Haycockdeath
33 News Advocate1917-01-188Dewey, Hero of Manila Bay, Deaddeath
34 News Advocate1917-02-151William Dunlap Diesdeath
35 News Advocate1917-05-314Phil M'guire Deaddeath
36 News Advocate1917-08-161Beloved Woman Gonedeath
37 News Advocate1917-10-111William Frost Diesdeath
38 News Advocate1917-11-228Mrs Hills Called by Angel of Deathdeath
39 News Advocate1917-12-278Aged Woman Deaddeath
40 News Advocate1918-01-103William Howard Diesdeath
41 News Advocate1918-01-314Mrs. Marshall Diesdeath
42 News Advocate1918-02-071Milton Price Deaddeath
43 News Advocate1918-02-078Mrs. Esquibel Deaddeath
44 News Advocate1918-02-284Mrs. Hainsworth Diesdeath
45 News Advocate1918-03-214Mrs. R. W. Crane Diesdeath
46 News Advocate1918-04-258John Turner Diesdeath
47 News Advocate1918-05-021Young Wife Diesdeath
48 News Advocate1918-06-278Blondy Holdsworth Dies as a Soldierdeath
49 News Advocate1918-07-041Mrs. John Redd Goes to Rewarddeath
50 News Advocate1918-07-185Claude King Deaddeath
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