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26 Morgan Post1910-10-214Infant Mortalitydeath
27 Morgan Post1910-10-282Killed in Saloon Brawldeath
28 Morgan Post1910-10-282King of Slam Deaddeath
29 Morgan Post1910-10-282Duel to the Deathdeath
30 Morgan Post1910-10-285Died of Typhoid Feverdeath
31 Morgan Post1910-10-288Death due to Accidentdeath
32 Morgan Post1910-11-112Tragic Death of Boydeath
33 Morgan Post1910-11-112Burned to Deathdeath
34 Morgan Post1910-11-112Insane Man Kills Two Daughtersdeath
35 Morgan Post1910-11-112English Nobleman Falls Deaddeath
36 Morgan Post1910-11-112Fell Dead in Pulpitdeath
37 Morgan Post1910-11-115Is Found in Bed Deaddeath
38 Morgan Post1910-11-115Died of Heart Diseasedeath
39 Morgan Post1910-11-182Cooked to Deathdeath
40 Morgan Post1910-11-186Runaway Engine Kills Twodeath
41 Morgan Post1910-11-256Sudden Death of Hoytdeath
42 Morgan Post1910-11-256Death of Tolstoideath
43 Morgan Post1910-12-092Boy Aviator Dashed to Deathdeath
44 Morgan Post1910-12-092Pay Tribute to Deaddeath
45 Morgan Post1910-12-098Death for Bacteriadeath
46 Morgan Post1910-12-162Amelia Folsom Young Deaddeath
47 Morgan Post1910-12-162J. R. Maxwell is Deaddeath
48 Morgan Post1910-12-162Hurled to Deathdeath
49 Morgan Post1910-12-162More Die in Woods than on Gridirondeath
50 Morgan Post1910-12-236Not Altogether Deaddeath
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