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26 Milford News1928-09-078The Caddie's Digdeath
27 Milford News1928-10-051Beaver Boy Dies after Collisiondeath
28 Milford News1928-10-191Mrs. Bailey's Father Dies in Los Angelesdeath
29 Milford News1928-10-193Local Newsdeath
30 Milford News1928-10-262Science has Thrown Light on Connecting Link between Life and Deathdeath
31 Milford News1928-10-269Williams Speaks to G. O. P. Ladiesdeath
32 Milford News1928-10-2612G. I. A. Ladiesdeath
33 Milford News1928-11-093Dies near Caliente on Train No. Fourdeath
34 Milford News1928-11-094Funeral Services Held for Beaver Wife and Motherdeath
35 Milford News1928-11-161Pioneer Settler of County is Calleddeath
36 Milford News1928-11-161Veteran Railroad Man Passes Ondeath
37 Milford News1928-11-164Ladies Give Program of Political Naturedeath
38 Milford News1928-11-233Marysvale Child Dies from Burnsdeath
39 Milford News1928-11-238Red Cross Fights Death and Diseasedeath
40 Milford News1928-11-301Farm Ladies will Hold Co-Op Dinnerdeath
41 Milford News1928-12-071Aged Woman is Called by Deathdeath
42 Milford News1928-12-071Mrs. Bradfield Dies Tuesdaydeath
43 Milford News1928-12-071Mother of Four Children Diesdeath
44 Milford News1928-12-071Dies following Years of Illnessdeath
45 Milford News1928-12-071Funeral Services for Mrs. Wooddeath
46 Milford News1928-12-073Beaver Matron is Taken by Deathdeath
47 Milford News1928-12-073Death Calls will Skinnerdeath
48 Milford News1928-12-211Long Suffering Ended by Deathdeath
49 Milford News1928-12-211Tom Clary Diesdeath
50 Milford News1928-12-211Garrison Man Diesdeath
26 - 50 of 1,171