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26 Logan Nation1901-09-185Blood Poisoning Proved Immediate Cause of Deathdeath
27 Logan Nation1901-09-187Ladiesdeath
28 Logan Nation1901-09-214National Funeral at Washington Impressive in its Solemnitydeath
29 Logan Nation1901-09-214Funeral Train to Washington Runs through Lane of Peopledeath
30 Logan Nation1901-09-216The Danish West Indiesdeath
31 Logan Nation1901-09-217Ladiesdeath
32 Logan Nation1901-09-257Ladiesdeath
33 Logan Nation1901-09-286Farewell Co Marcyr Deaddeath
34 Logan Nation1901-10-025Last of the Bolivarsdeath
35 Logan Nation1901-10-027T. E. Ricks Deaddeath
36 Logan Nation1901-10-054Filpinos Mutilate Bodies of Massacred Americansdeath
37 Logan Nation1901-10-164Talking Diners to Deathdeath
38 Logan Nation1901-10-166Orenzo Snow, Fifth President of the Mormon Church, Expires Suddenly from Bronchitis, Caused by a Colddeath
39 Logan Nation1901-10-166President Snow's Funeral Attended by Throngsdeath
40 Logan Nation1901-10-234Three Men Crushed to Deathdeath
41 Logan Nation1901-10-266Flerce Duel in Which Two Men Diedeath
42 Logan Nation1901-10-266Fatal Wreck on Short Linedeath
43 Logan Nation1901-10-301Obituary Noticedeath
44 Logan Nation1901-10-304Baby Overturns Lamp and is Burned to Deathdeath
45 Logan Nation1901-11-024London Anarchists Celebrate Czolgosz's Deathdeath
46 Logan Nation1901-11-024President's Assassin Executeddeath
47 Logan Nation1901-11-075Ladies can Wear Shoesdeath
48 Logan Nation1901-11-094Li Hung Chang Deaddeath
49 Logan Nation1901-11-096Restore the Death Penaltydeath
50 Logan Nation1901-11-134Fit of Auger Hastened Death of L: Hung Changdeath
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