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26 Kane County Standard1941-05-011February Wedding of Kanab Couple Revealedwedding
27 Kane County Standard1941-07-311Daughter of G. W. Eatough Married in New Yorkwedding
28 Kane County Standard1941-12-041Mrs. Ruth Fuller Weds Nevadan in St. George Templewedding
29 Kane County Standard1942-03-062Bride at Twowedding
30 Kane County Standard1942-04-103New York Primed for Night Attackwedding
31 Kane County Standard1943-06-221Kanab Girl Married in St. George Templewedding
32 Kane County Standard1943-10-071Bulloch-Swappwedding
33 Kane County Standard1944-12-151Marriages of the Weekwedding
34 Kane County Standard1945-08-031Ruth Pope-Lester Johnson Marrywedding
35 Kane County Standard1945-12-071Double Wedding Sunday at Fredoniawedding
36 Kane County Standard1945-12-071Smith-Covington Weddingwedding
37 Kane County Standard1946-03-224Bessie Judd Marries Lloyd Chamberlainwedding
38 Kane County Standard1946-05-171Farel Staheli Marries Voi Sorensen May 15wedding
39 Kane County Standard1946-05-171Marie Morris-Neil Crosby to Wedwedding
40 Kane County Standard1946-05-241Delmar G. Rider Georgia Blazard Wededwedding
41 Kane County Standard1946-06-211Grace Heaton and Abiah Judd Marrywedding
42 Kane County Standard1946-06-211Ora Nell Greenhalgh Marries Vaughn Juddwedding
43 Kane County Standard1946-08-231Emma Brooksby Weds Ortho Christensrnwedding
44 Kane County Standard1946-08-231Elde Judd Marries Reed Hendersonwedding
45 Kane County Standard1946-09-061Yarnell - Allen Wedwedding
46 Kane County Standard1946-09-061Wedding Reception for Reed Hendersonswedding
47 Kane County Standard1946-12-271Maudie Adams Weds Lamont Hamblinwedding
48 Kane County Standard1946-12-271Olive Moody Weds Ross Esplinwedding
49 Kane County Standard1947-01-241Pauline Anderson Weds Elmer J. Riderwedding
50 Kane County Standard1947-01-241Elizabeth Rider Weds William C. Leachwedding
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