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26 Grand Valley Times1901-03-292Death of a Noted Criticdeath
27 Grand Valley Times1901-03-293A Missionary 69 Yearsdeath
28 Grand Valley Times1901-05-102Charlotte M. Yonge is Deaddeath
29 Grand Valley Times1901-12-206Frederick Archerdeath
30 Grand Valley Times1902-03-286Naval Hero Deaddeath
31 Grand Valley Times1902-04-118A Pioneer Passes Away-Death of Mrs. Battey Borendeath
32 Grand Valley Times1902-04-254Distinguished Physician Deaddeath
33 Grand Valley Times1902-05-161Pioneer Passed Awaydeath
34 Grand Valley Times1902-05-301Another Pioneer Deaddeath
35 Grand Valley Times1902-06-131A Sudden Deathdeath
36 Grand Valley Times1902-07-253Dr. George Hepworth Deaddeath
37 Grand Valley Times1902-08-081Mrs. J. A. Elmer, is Deaddeath
38 Grand Valley Times1902-09-191Mrs. J. P. Larson Deaddeath
39 Grand Valley Times1902-10-315Elizabeth Cady Stanton Deaddeath
40 Grand Valley Times1902-10-315Famous Detective Deaddeath
41 Grand Valley Times1902-11-281Buddly Taylor Deaddeath
42 Grand Valley Times1903-03-131Hugh Linn Deaddeath
43 Grand Valley Times1903-03-134David Tangreen Deaddeath
44 Grand Valley Times1903-06-191"First Woman Student."death
45 Grand Valley Times1903-09-181Hon. Lester Taylor, Deaddeath
46 Grand Valley Times1903-12-254Death of Carl Lohmeyerdeath
47 Grand Valley Times1904-01-014Death of W. S. Pacedeath
48 Grand Valley Times1904-01-151The Funeral of Arza A. Empeydeath
49 Grand Valley Times1904-01-151The Death and Funeral of Mrs. Morcusendeath
50 Grand Valley Times1904-01-221Death and Funeral of Thoman Perry Troutdeath
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