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26 Eastern Utah Advocate1900-09-063Dieddeath
27 Eastern Utah Advocate1900-09-133Teancum Pratt Deaddeath
28 Eastern Utah Advocate1900-10-251John Sherman Deaddeath
29 Eastern Utah Advocate1900-11-151Marcus Daly Deaddeath
30 Eastern Utah Advocate1900-11-291Senator Davis Deaddeath
31 Eastern Utah Advocate1901-02-281Ex-Senator White Deaddeath
32 Eastern Utah Advocate1901-04-181President Geo. Q. Cannon Deaddeath
33 Eastern Utah Advocate1901-06-201Ex-Governor Pingree Deaddeath
34 Eastern Utah Advocate1901-08-083Dr. C. H. Field Deaddeath
35 Eastern Utah Advocate1901-08-153Lester Bird Deaddeath
36 Eastern Utah Advocate1901-09-053Death of Mrs. Holdawaydeath
37 Eastern Utah Advocate1901-09-122Soldier Drowneddeath
38 Eastern Utah Advocate1901-09-123Bishop Anderson Deaddeath
39 Eastern Utah Advocate1901-10-171Lorenzo Snow, Fifth President of the Mormon Church, Expires Suddenly from Bronchitis, Caused by a Colddeath
40 Eastern Utah Advocate1901-10-241A Founder of the Republican Party Diesdeath
41 Eastern Utah Advocate1902-01-093Judge McIntyre Deaddeath
42 Eastern Utah Advocate1902-04-037Henry Mainwaring Deaddeath
43 Eastern Utah Advocate1902-04-171T. De Witt Talmage Deaddeath
44 Eastern Utah Advocate1902-04-175Died at Age of 112death
45 Eastern Utah Advocate1902-04-242Death of Mrs. Worlddeath
46 Eastern Utah Advocate1902-05-081Admiral Sampson Deaddeath
47 Eastern Utah Advocate1902-05-291Pauncefote is Deaddeath
48 Eastern Utah Advocate1902-06-197George Downard Deaddeath
49 Eastern Utah Advocate1902-08-146Eminent Jewish Rabbi Deaddeath
50 Eastern Utah Advocate1902-08-216Famous Educator Deaddeath
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