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26 Cache Valley Clarion1941-06-261Former Prestonite Married in Arizonawedding
27 Cache Valley Clarion1941-07-035Steuri-Packer Wed Friday in Loganwedding
28 Cache Valley Clarion1941-07-038Trousseau Tea for Recent Bridewedding
29 Cache Valley Clarion1941-07-105Norton Birch Wed July 3 in Loganwedding
30 Cache Valley Clarion1941-07-105Thelma Owen Weds Arthur Jorgensenwedding
31 Cache Valley Clarion1941-07-175Trousseau Tea for Recent Bridewedding
32 Cache Valley Clarion1941-09-251Weaver-Call Marriage Friday in Pocatellowedding
33 Cache Valley Clarion1941-09-255Wedding is Set for October 1wedding
34 Cache Valley Clarion1941-09-255Bride Elect Feted at Luncheonwedding
35 Cache Valley Clarion1941-09-255Forsgren-Hart Wedding Tuesdaywedding
36 Cache Valley Clarion1941-10-161Esteemed Pair are Wed 63 Years on Saturdaywedding
37 Cache Valley Clarion1941-10-161Marriage Licenses Issues this Weekwedding
38 Cache Valley Clarion1941-10-164Parents Announce Double Weddingwedding
39 Cache Valley Clarion1941-10-164Dayron Maid Bride of Arlo Bodilywedding
40 Cache Valley Clarion1941-10-164Engagement Made Known Todaywedding
41 Cache Valley Clarion1941-10-164Preale Griffith Weds Price Manwedding
42 Cache Valley Clarion1941-10-164Hodges-Thomas Wedding Thursdaywedding
43 Cache Valley Clarion1941-10-231Marriage Licenses of the Past Weekwedding
44 Cache Valley Clarion1941-10-235Sheffer-Rice Marriage Saturdaywedding
45 Cache Valley Clarion1941-10-308Marriage Licenses of the Past Weekwedding
46 Cache Valley Clarion1941-11-061Victim of Bomber Crash Married Herewedding
47 Cache Valley Clarion1941-11-064Miss Smart Weds Anthony Kloser Mondaywedding
48 Cache Valley Clarion1941-11-065Daughters Engagement is Announcedwedding
49 Cache Valley Clarion1941-11-205Udell Chadwick and Hyde Purser to Wedwedding
50 Cache Valley Clarion1941-11-205Linrose Maid Weds Wednesdaywedding
26 - 50 of 114