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26 American Fork Citizen1912-08-172Famous Composer Deaddeath
27 American Fork Citizen1912-08-172Meets Death near End of Journeydeath
28 American Fork Citizen1912-08-172Missing Woman Probably Drowneddeath
29 American Fork Citizen1912-08-173Aged Veteran Diesdeath
30 American Fork Citizen1912-08-242Salvation Army Leader is Deaddeath
31 American Fork Citizen1912-08-242Famous Woman Deaddeath
32 American Fork Citizen1914-01-031Died at Hospitaldeath
33 American Fork Citizen1914-01-031Death of Babydeath
34 American Fork Citizen1914-01-031Funeral Services for William Dunndeath
35 American Fork Citizen1914-01-034John Sims Passes Awaydeath
36 American Fork Citizen1914-01-036Rudman Child Buried in Lehideath
37 American Fork Citizen1914-01-107Pioneer Goes to Restdeath
38 American Fork Citizen1914-01-171Death of Thomas A. Shelleydeath
39 American Fork Citizen1914-01-171Funeral Services for Paul Christensendeath
40 American Fork Citizen1914-01-178Death from Membraneous Croupdeath
41 American Fork Citizen1914-01-241Death of a 15-Months-Old Babedeath
42 American Fork Citizen1914-01-246Aunt Polly Hopkins Early Pioneer Diesdeath
43 American Fork Citizen1914-01-246Mrs. Kazziah Carson Fairfield Pioneer, Diesdeath
44 American Fork Citizen1914-02-144Faithful Woman Passes Awaydeath
45 American Fork Citizen1914-02-146Sudden Death Shocks Fourth Warddeath
46 American Fork Citizen1914-02-211Dies of Apoplexy at Provo Hospitaldeath
47 American Fork Citizen1914-02-214Death of Little Babydeath
48 American Fork Citizen1914-02-214Miss Susan Russon Tenderly Laid to Restdeath
49 American Fork Citizen1914-02-216Funeral of Isaac Carterdeath
50 American Fork Citizen1914-02-217Pioneer Goes to His Rewarddeath
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