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451 Milford News1936-02-061Rites are Held for Dead Firemendeath
452 Milford News1936-02-201Funeral is Held for Jacob Fauthdeath
453 Milford News1936-02-202News Review of Current Events the World Overdeath
454 Milford News1936-02-2710Former Resident Diesdeath
455 Milford News1936-03-122Life and Death Clock to Impress People of Berlindeath
456 Milford News1936-03-126Franklin's Father and Mother Died of First Illnessdeath
457 Milford News1936-03-263Sport of Persian Kings and Ladies was Polodeath
458 Milford News1936-04-091Death Takes Fatherdeath
459 Milford News1936-04-301W. F. Cottrell Dies Suddenly at Home of his Son in Ohiodeath
460 Milford News1936-05-141Dath Follows Loss of Legs in Accidentdeath
461 Milford News1936-05-141Funeral Held for Babedeath
462 Milford News1936-05-143"Sea Horse" Beats Elephant in Bloody Duel to Deathdeath
463 Milford News1936-05-211Funeral at Beaver for Suicide Victimdeath
464 Milford News1936-05-211J. L. Griffiths Dies; Funeral on Sundaydeath
465 Milford News1936-05-211Funeral Held Friday for G. W. Robinsondeath
466 Milford News1936-05-281Funeral is Held for A. F. Garzanddeath
467 Milford News1936-05-281Funeral Service for J. L. Griffiths Largely Attendeddeath
468 Milford News1936-05-281Here for Funeraldeath
469 Milford News1936-06-041Funeral Services are Held for Girldeath
470 Milford News1936-06-181Mother of Merchant Dies in salt Lake Citydeath
471 Milford News1936-08-061Bodies Petition for Road Workdeath
472 Milford News1936-08-271Ohio Ccc Enrollee Dies from Injuries Suffered on Roaddeath
473 Milford News1936-08-271Milford Farmer Dies in Cedar City Hospitaldeath
474 Milford News1936-09-101'Bert' Nichols, 59, Dies following Years of Illnessdeath
475 Milford News1936-09-241Former Resident Dies in Californiadeath
451 - 475 of 1,171