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426 Milford News1935-08-081Funeral Held for John Grimshawdeath
427 Milford News1935-08-084Banks and College Launch New Schooldeath
428 Milford News1935-08-221Salt Lake Enrollee Dies Suddenlydeath
429 Milford News1935-08-291Former Resident Dies in Salt Lakedeath
430 Milford News1935-09-057Burieddeath
431 Milford News1935-09-121Native Milford Woman Dies in Los Angelesdeath
432 Milford News1935-09-121Funeral is Held at Milford for Garrison Womandeath
433 Milford News1935-10-031Minersville Man Diesdeath
434 Milford News1935-10-171Brother Dies at Tooeledeath
435 Milford News1935-10-172News Review of Current Events the World Overdeath
436 Milford News1935-11-148Dies in Californiadeath
437 Milford News1935-11-211Leonard Twitchell Dies in Calientedeath
438 Milford News1935-11-281Big Attendance at Funeral for Spencer Schowdeath
439 Milford News1935-11-281James Clay Diesdeath
440 Milford News1935-11-282Smile and Enjoy Long Life Span; Worry: Die Youngdeath
441 Milford News1935-11-283Fishing Fleet Conducts Funeral for Ghost Shipdeath
442 Milford News1935-11-288Local Shoemaker Dies Suddenlydeath
443 Milford News1935-12-051Funeral is Held for Peter Weidnerdeath
444 Milford News1935-12-121Range Utilization Studies are Begundeath
445 Milford News1935-12-191Pays Death Benefitdeath
446 Milford News1935-12-261Shipping Losses to be Studieddeath
447 Milford News1935-12-261Funeral Monday for Twelve Year Old Boydeath
448 Milford News1936-01-021Funeral Held for Young Weber Laddeath
449 Milford News1936-01-231Funeral Services Held at Parowandeath
450 Milford News1936-01-231Graveside Funeral Helddeath
426 - 450 of 1,171