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401 Milford News1934-12-201Community Treat Planned for Kiddiesdeath
402 Milford News1934-12-201Funeral Services for D. M. Griffithsdeath
403 Milford News1934-12-201Wife of Local Mayor Dies in Her Sleepdeath
404 Milford News1934-12-2010Edmond Erickson Dies in Bristol, Nevada, Minedeath
405 Milford News1934-12-271Kiddies and Others Feted by Auxiliarydeath
406 Milford News1934-12-271Funeral Held for Mrs. O. F. Hubbelldeath
407 Milford News1935-01-101V. M. Blackwell, Dies Suddenlydeath
408 Milford News1935-01-171Funeral Held for Airways Operatordeath
409 Milford News1935-01-241Former Resident Dies in Los Angelesdeath
410 Milford News1935-01-243Ransom Notes may be Death Warrantdeath
411 Milford News1935-01-316Death in Good Causedeath
412 Milford News1935-01-318Alice S. Ashworth Dies Suddenly on Coastdeath
413 Milford News1935-02-212News Review of Current Events the World Overdeath
414 Milford News1935-02-216Where Hauptmann Awaits Death March to Chairdeath
415 Milford News1935-02-281Car Occupants Hurt on way to Funeraldeath
416 Milford News1935-03-141Firemen, Ladies Enjoy Big Partydeath
417 Milford News1935-03-141Former Milford Girl Diesdeath
418 Milford News1935-03-146"Liberty or Death!"death
419 Milford News1935-05-041Minersville Woman Diesdeath
420 Milford News1935-05-044Death after Dinnerdeath
421 Milford News1935-05-161Funeral is Held for James Potterdeath
422 Milford News1935-06-201Funeral is Held for W. W. Cookdeath
423 Milford News1935-07-181Last Surviving Civil War Vet Dies of Strokedeath
424 Milford News1935-07-251Veteran is Given Military Funeraldeath
425 Milford News1935-08-081Funeral at Beaver for Milford Residentdeath
401 - 425 of 1,171