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376 Uintah Basin Standard1960-04-218Engagement of Local Girl Announcedwedding
377 Uintah Basin Standard1960-04-218Makes Wedding Planswedding
378 Uintah Basin Standard1960-04-288Married Folks Enjoy Progressive Funwedding
379 Uintah Basin Standard1960-05-058Married in Elkowedding
380 Uintah Basin Standard1960-05-126Engagement of Arlene Rockwood to Johnnie V. Johnson Announcedwedding
381 Uintah Basin Standard1960-05-196Miss Geraldine Richardson is Engaged to Jerry A. Helmeywedding
382 Uintah Basin Standard1960-05-196Wedding Dance Honors the Ferrell Croziers Saturdaywedding
383 Uintah Basin Standard1960-05-266Anniversary Party for Elmer Eldredgeswedding
384 Uintah Basin Standard1960-05-2611Neola Couple Observed 50 Years of Married Life on April 27; Came to Basin as Pioneers in 1912wedding
385 Uintah Basin Standard1960-06-025The A. L. Normans Observe Golden Weddingwedding
386 Uintah Basin Standard1960-06-025Maurine Ivory Weds in Manti LDS Templewedding
387 Uintah Basin Standard1960-06-029BYU Couple Will Pledge Vows in Salt Lake Temple June 9wedding
388 Uintah Basin Standard1960-06-029Newlyweds, the Neil Whites, Feted at Reception following Ceremony at the James Lemon Homewedding
389 Uintah Basin Standard1960-06-029Milton G. Larsen Claims Bride in St. George LDS Temple Ceremonywedding
390 Uintah Basin Standard1960-06-029Double Ring Ceremony Unites Couple; Reception Followswedding
391 Uintah Basin Standard1960-06-029Karen Mower is Engaged to Merlyn R. Perrywedding
392 Uintah Basin Standard1960-06-0910Miss Alyce Party to Pledge Vows with Dewey R. Millerwedding
393 Uintah Basin Standard1960-06-0910Rex Michie Will Claim Miss Leah Church in June Temple Ceremonywedding
394 Uintah Basin Standard1960-06-165Engagement and Approaching Marriage of Young Couple Toldwedding
395 Uintah Basin Standard1960-06-165Betrothal Toldwedding
396 Uintah Basin Standard1960-06-165Mrs. L. Logan Goes to Washingtonwedding
397 Uintah Basin Standard1960-06-232To Observe Golden Weddingwedding
398 Uintah Basin Standard1960-06-236Marriage Licenses Given Two Couplewedding
399 Uintah Basin Standard1960-06-305Temple Wedding Unites Local Couple June 17thwedding
400 Uintah Basin Standard1960-06-305E. L. Murphys Observe 53rd Wedding Datewedding
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