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376 Springville Herald1927-07-284Scenario Writer Diesdeath
377 Springville Herald1927-08-111W. E. Creed is Dead on Coastdeath
378 Springville Herald1927-08-112Aged Woman Diesdeath
379 Springville Herald1927-08-251Mapleton Woman Laid to Final Restdeath
380 Springville Herald1927-09-081Carl Bauer Meets Death in Collisondeath
381 Springville Herald1927-09-081One Dead in Miners' Riotdeath
382 Springville Herald1927-09-151Death Calls Young Womandeath
383 Springville Herald1927-09-226Payson Girl Meets Deathdeath
384 Springville Herald1927-10-061A. Y. Wheeler Buys New Funeral hearsedeath
385 Springville Herald1927-10-061S. M . Coffman Passes Away; Funeral Heredeath
386 Springville Herald1927-10-063Film Magnate Diesdeath
387 Springville Herald1927-10-131Richard Condie Wins Honors in Paris Schooldeath
388 Springville Herald1927-10-201G. G. Sanford Laid at Restdeath
389 Springville Herald1927-11-033Death Calls Noted Enemydeath
390 Springville Herald1927-11-035Spider kelly Boxer, Diesdeath
391 Springville Herald1927-11-101Impressive Services for Youth Helddeath
392 Springville Herald1927-11-105Death of Gomez Ends Revolutiondeath
393 Springville Herald1927-11-106More than 200 Die in Floodsdeath
394 Springville Herald1927-11-173Many Bodies Recovered from Pittsburgh Plantdeath
395 Springville Herald1927-11-241Airman has Harrow Escape from Deathdeath
396 Springville Herald1927-11-241Frank Allan Died Suddenly Here Saturdaydeath
397 Springville Herald1927-12-081Good Woman Closes Very Active Lifedeath
398 Springville Herald1927-12-081Hyrum Taylor Dies Suddenlydeath
399 Springville Herald1927-12-082One Dead in Blizzarddeath
400 Springville Herald1927-12-084State Asks Pair's Deathdeath
376 - 400 of 5,469