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376 Iron County Record1928-11-144Funeral Services for George Bessdeath
377 Iron County Record1928-11-281W. W. Benjamin Passes Awaydeath
378 Iron County Record1928-11-282W. W. Bejamin Passes Awaydeath
379 Iron County Record1928-12-011Funeral Services This Afternoondeath
380 Iron County Record1928-12-051Former Cedar Resident Diesdeath
381 Iron County Record1928-12-051Miner Dies of Influenzadeath
382 Iron County Record1928-12-051Mrs. Palmer Dies from Pneumoniadeath
383 Iron County Record1928-12-081Prominent Kanarra Resident Diesdeath
384 Iron County Record1928-12-081Services for Mrs Palmerdeath
385 Iron County Record1928-12-121Kanarra Girl Dies after Operationdeath
386 Iron County Record1928-12-121Funeral Services for Catherine Uriedeath
387 Iron County Record1928-12-121Indian Child Diesdeath
388 Iron County Record1928-12-121Harry Hunter Dies Suddenlydeath
389 Iron County Record1928-12-151Wm. Dix, Sr. Passes Awaydeath
390 Iron County Record1928-12-151Receives Word of Father's Deathdeath
391 Iron County Record1928-12-151Receives Word of Granddaughters Deathdeath
392 Iron County Record1928-12-151Funeral Services for J. H. Hunterdeath
393 Iron County Record1928-12-193Jumps to Deathdeath
394 Iron County Record1928-12-221Young Girl Passes Awaydeath
395 Iron County Record1928-12-221Well Known Resident Diesdeath
396 Iron County Record1928-12-221Services for Kanarra Residentdeath
397 Iron County Record1928-12-291Wm. P. Taylor Dies of Peritonitisdeath
398 Iron County Record1929-01-022Woman's Fear of Mouse Causes Death of Mandeath
399 Iron County Record1929-01-121Child Diesdeath
400 Iron County Record1929-01-191Found Dead on Las Vegas Desertdeath
376 - 400 of 5,950