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376 Beaver Press1913-04-114Famous Magistrate Diesdeath
377 Beaver Press1913-04-184John B. Henderson Deaddeath
378 Beaver Press1913-04-184Fight Duel to Deathdeath
379 Beaver Press1913-05-026Killed by Benzine Explosiondeath
380 Beaver Press1913-05-026Elsie Reasoner Deaddeath
381 Beaver Press1913-05-026Retired Officer Diesdeath
382 Beaver Press1913-05-026Kills Girl Who Spurned Himdeath
383 Beaver Press1913-05-166Killed in Train Wreckdeath
384 Beaver Press1913-05-306Burned to Death under Autodeath
385 Beaver Press1913-06-066400 Killed in Battledeath
386 Beaver Press1913-06-066Former Senator Deaddeath
387 Beaver Press1913-06-066"Forty-Niner" Diesdeath
388 Beaver Press1913-06-204Doctor Killed by Womandeath
389 Beaver Press1913-07-046Chinese Dies at Age of 149death
390 Beaver Press1913-07-046Former Brazilian President Deaddeath
391 Beaver Press1913-07-116Many Celebrants Meet Deathdeath
392 Beaver Press1913-07-185Bad Premonition of Deathdeath
393 Beaver Press1913-07-251Dies of Heart Troubledeath
394 Beaver Press1913-07-254Financier Dies in Prison Celldeath
395 Beaver Press1913-08-084Eighteen Killed in Explosiondeath
396 Beaver Press1913-08-154Slide Kills Thirteendeath
397 Beaver Press1913-08-158Ranchman Dies in Postholedeath
398 Beaver Press1913-08-224Killed by Blastdeath
399 Beaver Press1913-08-294Killed by Mexicansdeath
400 Beaver Press1913-08-299Death of Duncan Childrendeath
376 - 400 of 823