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351 Springville Herald1927-03-101Former Springville Man Dies in N. Y.death
352 Springville Herald1927-03-102Four Bandits Die for Man's Murderdeath
353 Springville Herald1927-03-103Bomber Dies in Mysterydeath
354 Springville Herald1927-03-103Sutherland Dies Suddenlydeath
355 Springville Herald1927-03-171Infant Follows Mother in Death; Funeral Sundaydeath
356 Springville Herald1927-03-241Many Attend Funeral for Mrs. Memorydeath
357 Springville Herald1927-03-241Final Tribute Paid Life of Mrs. Jamsondeath
358 Springville Herald1927-03-311Fall Fatal to Mrs. Barlow; Fine Tributesdeath
359 Springville Herald1927-04-074News Worker Diesdeath
360 Springville Herald1927-04-281S. W. Miller Succumbs to Typhoid Feverdeath
361 Springville Herald1927-05-054Two Aviators Die in Crash near Air Basedeath
362 Springville Herald1927-05-055Famous American Educator is Deaddeath
363 Springville Herald1927-05-123Mapleton Man Laid to Restdeath
364 Springville Herald1927-05-191Springville Pioneer Dies in Salt Lakedeath
365 Springville Herald1927-05-191Funeral Held Saturday for Mrs. Martindeath
366 Springville Herald1927-05-193Friday Set as Funeral Datedeath
367 Springville Herald1927-05-193Hermit Dies in Solitudedeath
368 Springville Herald1927-05-261Twin Infants Died Mondaydeath
369 Springville Herald1927-06-021Funeral Servicesdeath
370 Springville Herald1927-06-022Man Killed in Accidentdeath
371 Springville Herald1927-06-091Former Springville Man Dies at Nephideath
372 Springville Herald1927-06-091New Funeral Homedeath
373 Springville Herald1927-06-231[Illegible] Attend Funeral for Mr. Teasdaledeath
374 Springville Herald1927-07-144Three to Die Togetherdeath
375 Springville Herald1927-07-211Death Calls Mrs. Meneraydeath
351 - 375 of 5,469