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326 Sugar House Bulletin1953-04-106Mary Cannon to Marry Glen Hamberlin June 23wedding
327 Sugar House Bulletin1953-04-108Robert Krantz Takes Bridewedding
328 Sugar House Bulletin1953-04-108Delbert Selin Claims Bridewedding
329 Sugar House Bulletin1953-04-174Phyllis Porath is Bride of Robert D. Nebekerwedding
330 Sugar House Bulletin1953-04-242Betty Jones is Marriedwedding
331 Sugar House Bulletin1953-04-247Jo an Harline to Marrywedding
332 Sugar House Bulletin1953-05-013Engagement is Toldwedding
333 Sugar House Bulletin1953-05-154Mary Jane Agnew Bridewedding
334 Sugar House Bulletin1953-05-154Donna Lee Mankenmaier Bride of San Franciscanwedding
335 Sugar House Bulletin1953-05-226Colleen Thomson Bridewedding
336 Sugar House Bulletin1953-05-228Marrieswedding
337 Sugar House Bulletin1953-05-294June Samuelsen Wedswedding
338 Sugar House Bulletin1953-06-123Janeth Jensen Becomes Bridewedding
339 Sugar House Bulletin1953-06-127Golden Weddingwedding
340 Sugar House Bulletin1953-06-177Frances Ruth Cayron Wedswedding
341 Sugar House Bulletin1953-06-1717Miss Luanne Virginia Probanz Sets Her Wedding Datewedding
342 Sugar House Bulletin1953-06-192Reception for Newlywedswedding
343 Sugar House Bulletin1953-06-197Janice Sheffield Weds Vern Grow in Templewedding
344 Sugar House Bulletin1953-06-245Dorothy Elaine Harkness Bride of N. C. Staufferwedding
345 Sugar House Bulletin1953-06-265Gloria Winther Becomes Bridewedding
346 Sugar House Bulletin1953-07-033Married June 8wedding
347 Sugar House Bulletin1953-07-314New Bridewedding
348 Sugar House Bulletin1953-08-073Sharon Tuft Becomes Bridewedding
349 Sugar House Bulletin1953-08-073Holaday Girl Becomes Bride Fridaywedding
350 Sugar House Bulletin1953-09-184Ruth Davis to Marry Hartmut Dinse Sept. 24wedding
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