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326 Springville Herald1926-12-161Tribute Paid to Educator at Funeraldeath
327 Springville Herald1926-12-163Infant Dies Heredeath
328 Springville Herald1926-12-231Springville Woman Dies in Salt Lakedeath
329 Springville Herald1926-12-233Death Calls Mrs. Tolhurstdeath
330 Springville Herald1926-12-301Leroy Dixon Dies at Home in Provo Tuesdeath
331 Springville Herald1926-12-301Springville Man Dies of Heart Troubledeath
332 Springville Herald1926-12-302Brave Enough to Diedeath
333 Springville Herald1927-01-061Ed. Whiting Deaddeath
334 Springville Herald1927-01-061Springville Woman Diesdeath
335 Springville Herald1927-01-062Early Pioneer Dies at Homedeath
336 Springville Herald1927-01-133Children Die in Montreal Theater Firedeath
337 Springville Herald1927-01-181Former Springville Woman Dies in Arizdeath
338 Springville Herald1927-01-181Mrs. Coffman Laid at Restdeath
339 Springville Herald1927-01-273Auto Crash Victim Dies in Hospitaldeath
340 Springville Herald1927-01-274Spanish Fork Girl Called by Deathdeath
341 Springville Herald1927-01-293When 77 Children Died in Theater Firedeath
342 Springville Herald1927-01-29398 Freeze to Deathdeath
343 Springville Herald1927-01-293Death Reaches for 'Empress'death
344 Springville Herald1927-02-031Local Tenor is [Illegible] by Boston Paperdeath
345 Springville Herald1927-02-034Death Calls F. M. Ballarddeath
346 Springville Herald1927-02-101Winford Allan Dies on Coastdeath
347 Springville Herald1927-02-172Hero inhales Fumes, Diesdeath
348 Springville Herald1927-03-035Mrs. Lewis Dies in Idaho Towndeath
349 Springville Herald1927-03-1011927 Art Exhibit to Surpass all Previous Effortsdeath
350 Springville Herald1927-03-101Despondent Student Diesdeath
326 - 350 of 5,469